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Religious Studies
RELS 131

Christianity Review Jesus Life Jesus born as a Jew in Bethlehem by the Virgin Mary who conceived him by the Holy Spirit and fathered by her husband Joseph he grew up in Nazareth part of the Greekspeaking region of Galilee within Isreal and learned his fathers trade of carpentryHis public years began with his baptism where he has a mystical vision and then withdraws to the desert where he refuses several temptations of SatanWhen he returns he attends a synagogue in Nazareth where he reads a passage from the Torah and proclaims that this prophecy is fulfilledHe recruits twelve disciples mostly fishermen along with a few female followers including Mary Magdalene and for the next year travels around the Capernaum region working miracles teaching how to apply Jewish law to everyday life and telling parables many of which point to an impending apocalypse that will lead to a new era of peace and righteousness he calls the kingdom of GodHe mainly preached in synagogues or private houses but performed some miraculous cures in front of large crowdsGrowth of opposition from Pharisees and SadduceesAround Passover he and his disciples travel to Jerusalem where he accuses the moneychangers of cheating and objected the Temples failure to keep the sacred area open to all nation for prayer Court of Gentiles this leads to his arrest a few days later for challenging the temples priests authorityHe predicts this at the Last Supper where he says one of his disciples will betray himJudas sells information leading to his arrestTaken before the Sanhedrin and then the Roman governor Pontius Pilate he is accused of perverting the people and claiming to be the king of the JewsAlong with a few others he is crucified and paraded through the streetsTwo days later on the morning following the Sabbath some women including Mary Magdalene attend his tomb to find it emptyEither an angel tells them he has risen or he appears to his disciples and tells them himselfHe had been resurrected and had gone to sit at the right hand of God in heaven from where he would soon return to judge all persons and usher in the kingdom of GodJews Jesus was not a reformer in their tradition but a political rebel executed by the RomansChristians Pilate found no fault in Jesus real reason for crucifixion was jealousy of elder Jewish religious leaders TEACHINGS Kingdom of God is near morality above legal and ceremonial practice inner integrity love Zealots a Zealot Rebellion assisted by a Pharisee 6660AD Simon the Zealot an apostle results in the Roman destruction of the Temple Pharisees led by scribes and rabbis legalistic in daily livingdisliked the radical tone of Jesus and the freedom Jesus feels when he interprets the law formed from the middle classes they sometimes held power in the Temple but had more connection with the synagoguesThey interpreted the scriptural text more broadly but paid detailed attention to matters of purity and tithing Sadducees more conservative caretaker of Jerusalem Roman collaboration formed from aristocracy that embraced Hellenization they were the party of the priestly establishment and the custodians of the Temple in charge of its operationsThey insisted on a narrow literal interpretation of the law Essenes oppose violence even animal sacrifice waiting for the Messiah an ascetic sect credited with the writing of the Dead Sea Scrolls the group consisted of rigorously observant priestsWhen a candidate they disapproved of was appointed High Priest in Jerusalem they left and retired to the desert where they prepared for a supposed apocalypse Four Gospels
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