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SOCY 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Proletariat, Mass-Observation, Marshall Mcluhan

Social Sci, Edu and Soc Work - Sociology
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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish
Study Guide

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Characteristics: p.6-10
o Small Close Families
o See parents positively
o Share parental values
o Parental involvement
o Rely on adult direction, assurance
o Powerful sense of individualism
Constantly told how much they control their own
o Less historical awareness and fewer life - experiences
o Multi tasking
o Impatient
o Their lives have been thoroughly planned and organized -
and closely monitored
o First to grow up surrounded by digital media.
o Because of their direct access to so much information,
they are politically aware but less sceptical than their
parents were.
Benoit mindset list
o Paper released yearly describing the incoming first
university student mindset
o Technological age
o [Members of the Class of 2016] are the first generation
to grow up taking the word “online” for granted and for
whom crossing the digital divide has redefined research,
original sources and access to information, changing the
central experiences and methods in their lives.
The Medium is the message: p.15-16
o This means that the message is irrelevant the real
message is the medium in which the message is conveyed.
Whether that be film, books, oral presentation.
o McLuhan identified active media in relation to “hot” and
“cold” media
Hot Media Media that requires a lot less active
interpretation e.g. Film
Cold Media Media that requires more active
interpretation e.g. books, comic books.
o Though the new wave of e-Culture is great, students must
learn to go back and use print-Culture that will help

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them reach the higher learning they’re attempting to
Liberal Education
o Liberal education that students can receive is
decreasing. Bloom believed the liberal education was a
great opportunity to help students pose important
questions like who am i? and what is humankind? Bloom
believed that “each generation can be best discovered by
its relations to the permanent concerns of mankind.”
Mills’ Sociological Imagination
o What is the Sociological Imagination? P.38-39
"the vivid awareness of the relationship between
experience and the wider society."
"men see their lives as a series of traps"
Imagination p.38-39
Involves carrying mental processes and the
active role of the mind, both of which are
Apprehending process a way of creating a
complex mental image of the world by
developing an increasingly more
comprehensive mental view of the
relationship between an individual and their
social location.
It is the quality of mind that requires one to grasp
the social context intellectually, and draw it together.
The individual and social can be drawn together and
examined as a dynamic whole.
It is the mental understanding of the world as it
actually is through an approach that allows people to
understand more than they would by using normal,
everyday stocks of knowledge.
Enables individuals to understand themselves and
their experience.
o What is the natural attitude? P.38
It comes naturally to us it is the way we view the
world as an individual
Using the example of Psycho: one must move the
camera back to make the intricate connection
between the patterns of the lovers lives and the
course of American and world history.

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Requires the quality of mind that integrates macro
and micro, the social and the individual.
o What are “everyday stocks of knowledge”? p. 29
Basic knowledge that people learn not from school, but
from everyday life, this also reinforces us as
Importance of Sociological Imagination
o It asks us to think outside the box and think a way that
many don’t
o By imagination mills doesn’t mean to make things up but
to analyse and assess the social world in which we live.
Personal Troubles of Milieu
o Character of individual and immediate relations
o Solution lies within individual, immediate milieu and
wilful activity
o Personal troubles are a private matter.
o I.E. Psycho, Bates the motel manager is just going
through the motions of owning a motel, as no one ever
goes there anymore after the new highway creates a faster
route to L.A.
Three Key Questions
1. What is the structure of society as a whole
essential components; differences from other social
orders; meaning of particular features.
I.E. todays world is a great global village everyone
is always connected to each other, this world is a
technological place, everyone is connected
2. Where does society stand in history
Mechanics of change; development of humanity;
period’s essential features; characteristic way of
making history
Though we may be seen as a technology world, industry
still plays a large role in our economy and in our
larger lives. These mechanics of change are all
centered on consumerism.
3. What varieties of men and women prevail are coming to
the opportunities for women have grown significantly
over the past 20 years.
how selected, formed, repressed, blunted, liberated;
what of “human nature” is revealed ; what is its
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