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87 Review Questions for Final Exam

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SOCY 122

187 Review Questions for Fall TermWeek oneThe Millennials Knowledge and Culture Some Review Questions1Of all the different aspects to the biography of the Millennials entering universities in 2009 what are the five or six most significant in terms of the influence they will have upon their university learning experience Do they apply to the class of 2014We come from small close familiesoRarely more than 23n children per householdHave positive impressions of our parentsoCloser with our parents than the BoomersHelicopter ParentsTime management is a problem due to highly packed schedulesSense of entitlementStrong sense of individualismoBrought about by neoliberalism privatization and pursuit of private interests2Michael Weschs video presents the university experience from the perspective of his studentswhat are the strengths of that video What are its limitations What is the dominant message in the video Do you agree with it Why or why not What if anything has changed in the nature of the Millennials since Weschs 2007 productionStrengths demonstration of students dependency on technologyLimitations small sample sizeDominant message youth in postsecondary are plagues by problems with technology as well as global issues which they are obligated to help solveWhats changed I think weve come a long way with tech integration since 20073What did Marshall McLuhen mean by the phrase the medium is the message What is the distinction that McLuhen made between hot and cold media Do you agree that ECulture centres on media that are molten ice Why or why notThe medium is the messageoThe medium that we use is more of a message than the information that we convey depending on the message that you want to convey you will choose a different mediumoFor McLuhan the meaning behind our messages is twofold message and medium are interlinkedHot media the medium itself conveys a rather powerful message that we passively absorboTelevision is hot because the message isnt just the information it is also the method by which it is recievedCold mediathe medium requires you as the observer to fill in the blanks and draw conclusions make inferences2oComics are cold because you have to think about the punch line derive the message for yourselfeCultureMoltenIce On one hand information is ready to be consumed en masse at any point but on the other we may be amusing ourselves to death with a medium with no actual substance 4Identify what you think are the three most important tensions that exist between the old school and new school approaches to knowledge Can those tensions be resolved If so how and if not why notThe coincidence of print and digital cultures there may be some losses to the quality of print culture but digital technologies make it more accessibleNew technology is also a form of communication while the chalkboard was able to give students real time illustration digital media can tap into senses and create emotional narratives in a way that chalk could notTensions will only be resolved by diminished presence of the old schoolI dont believe there is going to be a significant reversion in the way people usedepend on technology and as such a reformation of the archaic ideals is 1 more likely and 2 more feasible
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