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Notes on high, mass, popular, and taste cultures.

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

High Culture vs Popular CultureTASTE CULTUREShigh culture and popular culture are different taste culturesHerbert GansMasse KultureMasseuneducated working and middle classes poor and lower classes etcKulturewelleducated elite includes art music and literatureMASS CULTURE has a negative meaning represents undefined styles modes of thought expressions and lower orders of European societyTaste cultures consist of values and the cultural forms which express certain values music art design literature drama comedy poetry criticism news and the media in which these are expressed books records films tv newspaper etcTaste cultures are LIVED culturescannot be abstracted from the social contexts within which they are created and consumedensures that taste cultures are a vibrant dimension to peoples social livesIn a stable and homogenous society cultural expression is relatively consistent and narrowIn diverse societies there is a wide range of cultural expression and a
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