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SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Instrument Survey research  Open ended o Respondent answers with own opinion  Close ended o Respondent chooses from list of answers Make items clear  Unambiguous o Close ended should be mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive  Begin with easy and interesting questions  Keep order of questions that maintain interest Questionnaire Construction  Spread out and uncluttered  Should include clear instructions and introductory comments where appropriate o Pretest questionnaires to protect against errors  Put interesting questions first and boring questions later o Draws person’s attention  Should pretest the questionnaire  Respondent must be competent to answer o Their answer must be reliable  Avoid o Jargon, slang, abbreviations, o Vagueness, emotionally charged language  Do you approve of doctors killing patients o Leading questions- not preferring one answer over another  Avoiding Bias o Double barreled questions  More than one question  How does it feel to be poor and black? o Don't ask things beyond recalling o Questions not relevant to respondent o Negative items and double negatives o Threatening questions  Contingency questions o Certain questions apply to some respondents but not others o Answering questions based on previous question  If yes, skip to question 10 eg.  Matrix questions o Ask several questions that have same set of answer questions for each  Common response for each question,  eg. Teacher evaluation  Pros o Save questionnaire space o Save time  Cons o Response set pattern o Social desirability  People answer with what will make them look good Survey Methods Self Administrated Questionnaire  Mail survey, follow up mailings  Questionnaires with compensation can eliminate anonymity if they want to claim their prize  No one there to clarify questions  Acceptable response rates o Over 50  Pros o Not costly, o People are more comfortable answering sensitive questions, o Characteristics of interviewers will not affect respondent, o There is more time to answer questions  Cons o Low response rate,
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