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SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Qualitative Field Research  Becoming engaged with the study  Social research right where it happens, no artificial setting  Direct involvement  Deeper understanding of social phenomenon o Natural habitat  Can study social processes over time as they happen  Data collecting and theory generating  Objective questions a priori are not accurate William F white  Boston slum, street corner society  Best field research, exploring slums, getting introduced to people  Understand social life, living with changes  Society organized in different ways, we have class biases, do not see the real nature Historical context  Chicago school and quantitative research,  Robert Park Naturalism  Belief that an objective social reality exists Case Study Design  Not a mode of observation  Attention is paid to a single instance of some social phenomenon  Both in quantitative and qualitative research o More exploratory study Black Swan  Rarely occur but when they do they have great significance  Case studies try to understand these situations Extended Case Method - Buroway  Used to discover flaws and modify existing social theories  Rebuild and improve existing theories  1 ststep o Researcher enters the field with a clear expectation of what to find o Become familiarized with literature  2nd step o Notes on how observations conflict with theory o Whether they support or reject what already exists Deduction  Theory first  Observations second Analytical Induction  Investigate phenomenon  Develop a theory why it happens  Look at another theory  Revise theory  Ensure every single case is explained by theory o Any case that is not explained must be rejected Grounded Theory Approach  Derives theory from analyzing patterns and themes discovered in observations  Researcher does not begin with preconceived ideas o Allows theory to emerge from the data  Gaining multiple points of view, gathering data in a variety of ways, maintain skepticism Ethnography's  Study of a groups culture  Naturalism o Observing events and people in a natural setting.  Considers what people actually do  Deep understanding of someone's community way of life  Direct first hand observation, interviewing, analysis o Not creating artificial world where you try to fit your subjects Conducting Qualitative Field Research Hitting The Field- Getting In  Gather relevant literature  Gain access to field  Relation to subject  Identify gate keeper o Formal access and consent, person in charge  Seek out informant o Member who introduces you to the field o Joining the group, securing membership status  Some cases uses deception- ethical concern Establishing Initial Contacts  Develop rapport with subjects to gain trust and make them feel comfortable  May influence your observations, the people you can talk to,  Decide how much to disclose about your study to subjects, depend on the nature of research, ethical considerations Various Roles of Research  Initial contact depends on role as a researcher  Depends on research product, those with cultural differences or other differences makes it harder t
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