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Unobtrusive Measures (week 10).docx

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Queen's University
SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Unobtrusive Measures  Problem o Reactivity of those we measure, behaving differently because they are being researched  A way of research that eliminates the problem of reactivity  Avoiding elicit responses or altered coarse of action that people engage  Research that is not apparent or directly noticeable o Eg trace evidence without direct contact, o Look at surroundings and evidence of patterns  Does not allow potential for reactivity  Reading aspects of the environment that read interpretations of behaviour Meta Analysis  “beyond us”  Statistical inferences carried by someone else  Content analysis  Historical and comparison,  Supplemental source of data  Analysis of analysis,  Looking at other studies, o Units of analysis  The studies you gather  Analyzing someone else’s study o Independent Variable  Characteristics of the study,  Size of the study, when it was conducted. o Dependant Variable  Every study measured affect, what made each affect bigger or smaller  Secondary analysis o Analyzing data someone else has collected  Problems  Availability of reliable and valid
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