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Queen's University
SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Focus groups  Flexible way of collecting data,  Used by marketers  Special type of interviewing on a topic, small group rather than an individual  Several research subjects at the same time  Appropriate when there are a lot of people to interview but limited time  Surveys assumes that answers are already known and provide answers o Focus groups provide the answers and meanings, no pre packaged answers  Provide feelings about social phenomenon and social process Uses in Social Science Research  Exploratory research  Testing questions that will later be used in survey research o Interpret findings  Useful in group interactions o Useful in studying agreements and disagreements o Meanings and understandings  More representative of every day life  Conducting focus groups  Size matters o Scheduling a large group for the same time is difficult o Smaller groups if the topic is complex, emotional, controversial  Informal setting  Random sample of the population  Key variables- age,sex, o Would not mix homogenous variables together, focus groups should not know each other  Patterns of interaction will come into focus group  Run by a moderator o Get people talking, keeping them on topic, recognizing those who talk and supervising them, make su
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