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SOCY 233
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SOCY 233 Exam Review:  1. The term ‘race’ is used with contradictory effect. On the one hand, it may reify (see Fleras’ glossary p. 390, and p. 34) a fictive and injurious social category. On the other hand, it is essential in identifying the social impact of racism. Elaborate on this tension, giving TWO examples. • Define Race through Fleras • Link to lecture material • Reify – using the term in research in research might reify this category; through studying race we are making it legitimate, as opposed to calling it something else or not studying it at all – Race is a social construct • Tension: If im studying race im solidifying it, at the same time if I don’t study race, a color blindness occurs, and the study of racism and erases histories • Discuss the tension – don’t have to take a side • Give two examples: policy and colorblindness, -policing; difficulty between studying racism, racially categorizing people when they pull them over ; through doing that we are reinforcing a category of blackness by studying it – by not studying it, we are not addressing the issue and exploring it. 2. Outline the ideas of any TWO representatives of scientific racism who were studied in class. • Define scientific racism – defined by fleras briefly, but a lot of discussion in class • For each representatives; introduce background, main contributions to scientific racism, (don’t worry about the years), how it is relevant to scientific racism • Compare and contrast them amongst eachother 3. Elaborate on some ways in which old and new meanings of ethnicity differ. Use TWO examples from class or from your own experience. • Define old and new meaning of ethnicity ( Fleras says conventional and new) • Compare and contrast them and focus on how they differ • What has changed in society that has changed or contributed to this evolving definition of ethnicity • Provide two examples – old form of ethnicity ex: ethnic aisles in the grocery stores • Give old and new equal attention 4. This question was posed in lecture: Why study whiteness? Respond to this broad question by selecting reasons given by FlerasAND by anyone else discussed in lecture (including the lecturer). Then discuss this specific claim: “...few Canadians are prepared to concede how ‘whiteness’ plays a critical role in privileging some while disprivileging others” (Fleras, p. 49). Provide an example. • Define “whiteness” • (Goldberg) whiteness studies contributor • Why it is impor
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