ACC 110 Study Guide - Fundamental Breach, Expectation Damages, Liquidated Damages

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One or more remedies may be available if a contract is breached. In the vast majority of cases, the remedy for a breach of contract is damages: damages: is an award of money that is intended to cure a wrongful event, such as a breach of contract. The nature of the remedy needs to be stressed. Expect in rare cases, the plaintiff is not entitled to receive the exact thing that it expected to get under the agreement. value of that thing. There are several reasons why courts usually award only monetary damages for a breach of contract. i. ii. iii. The courts of law historically did not have the power to compel a defendant to do anything other than pay money. Contracts traditionally were seen as commercial arrangements b/t business people. 9441 is the only thing that matters in the business world. Especially in the business world, it would often be inconvenient to award something other than monetary damages.

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