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When we look at something that is beautiful we count it as beautiful. A thing can beautiful until another thing comes along that is more beautiful, therefore everything must be both ugly nd beautiful the third account of piety. To be pious is to be loved by all the gods. It is (cid:395)uestio(cid:374)a(cid:271)le (cid:449)hethe(cid:396) euthyph(cid:396)o"s a(cid:272)t (cid:373)eets this condition other than tautologically. But this does not show the account tot incorrect, since there is reason to believe that prosecuting ones father is impious there is a more fundamental objection. A thing is carried because of the act of carrying. But the act of carrying is not because of the thing carried. A thi(cid:374)g is (cid:374)ot (cid:862)(cid:271)ei(cid:374)g affe(cid:272)ted (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause it is so(cid:373)ethi(cid:374)g affe(cid:272)ted, (cid:271)ut it is so(cid:373)ethi(cid:374)g affe(cid:272)ted (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause it is (cid:271)ei(cid:374)g affe(cid:272)ted(cid:863) This hold for love: a thing is loved because of the act of loving, not love and not vice- versa.

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