FIN 300 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Net Present Value, Financial Statement, Barbecue Grill

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21 Oct 2012

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Notes: this is a closed book exam. You may only have pens, pencils , a calculator and one cheat sheet double sided on 8 by 11 paper at your desk: please fill out the scanner sheet as you go along in the exam. You will not be given extra time at the end of the exam to fill it out: select the best possible answer for each multiple-choice question, each of the 40 mc questions is worth 1 mark. Use the following information to answer questions 1 & 2. The following four executives have the following ambitions for the upcoming year; Jane: is seeking to slightly increase the leverage in her firm so as to reduce capital costs after tax effects and cause the firm value to increase. Combined with the reduced number of shares, this should cause the stock price to skyrocket. Pete: wants to embark on a hostile takeover bid of a smaller corporation.

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