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Arts and Contemporary Studies
ACS 103
Ron Babin

Survey of Greek Civilization #7 With the destructions of Mycenaean civilization the previous economic model (store house) was swept away and was replaced by farm house economy  Farm house was similar to a free market economy  The house or Oikos was crucial to Greek society  Agriculture was the primary generator of values  Services would be secondary to agrarian society and serve them (i.e. blacksmith provides tools to farmers)  In the early Greek state the economy was an exchange or barter economy with no coinage  Very little wealth in the early Greek states only real lasting wealth was metal from weapon and tools  Very little transportation so what the person had to trade was what they could carry on their person  Only influx of wealth was from war after conquering another polis  greatest generator of wealth was war  Objective of trade was to get what you needed not acquire wealth ( if you needed food trade for food, if you need timber trade for timber)  If you acquired wealth you were expected to use it on the community  This way of trade collapsed when the idea of acquiring more resources started to be used to gather support  Some forms of corruption were acceptable in Antiquity like paying people to vote for your ideas, etc…  All public tasks assigned to 6000 richest men in the city  Land is always the desired form of wealth and brought prestige o Working the land was an acceptable form of work for the upper class  Wealth tends to follow into land  Since land was so desirable estates were broken up between sons not just first born  When you have craftsmen producing things they didn’t produce a large industry o Was a produced on demand way only when people would request something be made would they be made  If you were to work for someone I.E make something for someone it demeaned you  Artisans have begun to become more popular because of the influx of wealth  Craftsmen would mak
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