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Charlotte Youngson

Bood coagulates when comes in touch with rought surfaces. Blood clots form. Asterosclerosis. Plasma-water n proteins. Overproducing different types of cells. (RBC, WBC) Slide 6 Lower oxygen, body produced more RBC Ph-7.2-7.4. Ph change with disease. Acidosis-cancer-diabetic. With disease we produce acids. Kidneys regulate ph by pumping out N. Breathing regulate ph as well. Not breathing out CO2. It accumulates. Forms carbonic acid. Person becomes acidotic. Hyperventilating. Exhailing too much. Blowing off too much co2. Become alkaloid. Dehydration will impact on blood volume. Fluid volume is blood volume. Slide 7 Albumin-causes caloidal pressure to exist in blood. As blood goes throught blood vessles. It gains n looses water. Leading reason to grab water. Abdominal edema-albumin is no longer synthysized. The fluid accumulates in abdominal regeion. Fibritogin-makes fiber. Stops bleeding. Slide 8 Megacayocyte-produces plateles. Slide 9 Neutrophils-neutral love for two stains. A bit blue a bit red. Lymphocyte-wbc. Important in specific imunity. Monocyte-macrofige. Slide 11 In capillaries rbc go one by one. It is very narrow. Slide 12 Shape of brc has something to do with shape of hemoglobin Slide 13 Before reticulocyte- everything in bone marrow. Reticulocyte and erythrocyte are in blood. Slide 15 Climbing
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