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Charlotte Youngson

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HEART nd Midterm 2 sem Bilirubin-heme minus iron. A moajor omponent of bile. Important in the emulsification of fats. Vascular spasm, platelet phase, coagulation, fibronylisis. RBC-live aprox 120 days. Plasmin initiates fibrinolysis. nd 2 sound of krotkoff equal to diastolic pressure. The fruency of action potentials of A is increased by sympathetic stimulation and epinephrine The QRS wave of an ECG occurs as a result of ventricular depolarization. As pressure in the left ventricle exceeds pressure in the left atrium the mitral valve closes and first heart sound is heard. When blood systemic capillaries.  Superior inferiror vena cava, right atrium, right ventricle to the pulmonary artery, ………. The highest pressure in the cardiac cycle is caused by ventricular systole. What ion is responsible for long absolute refractory period in action potential produced by the contractile cells of cardiac muscle? The slow entry of calcium ions into the mucle cell CO? Which causes edema? Lymphatic system blockage. MAP of someone with a BP reading of 150/90? 110. (diastolic + 1/3 of pulse pressure) Which one decreases peripheral resistance? Increased diameter of blood vessels. A reduction in alveolar pO2 causes vasodilation in which of the following organs? Lungs Which best describes cardiogenic shock? Heart pump failure. Which of the following mmHg closely reflects BP drop across capillary bed? 35, 17 IMMUNITY B lymphocytes differentiate into memory b cells and plasma cells Thelper cell contain- CD4 receptors that recognize cells displaying a foreign antigen with MHC class 2. When the immune system mistakenly targets normal body cell and tisues, the results may be: the development of an
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