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Ryerson University
BLG 144
Richard Stew

i t o t i 1. What are chromosomes other than sex chromosomes called? c Chromosomes other than sex chromosomes are called autosomes. Each human sperm or egg cell contains _ 22 autosomes and one sex chromosome. s p 2. Explain the different between cytokinesis in animal cells and plant cells. i Cytokinesis is the period during the cell cycle in which the cytoplasm separates to form two new n daughter cells. Cell division occurs after mitosis. In plant cells, a new cell wall forms to divide the cell d into two daughter cells. In animals cells,the cleavage furrow forms as the cell membrane is pinched l inwards to divide the cytoplasm equally to form two new daughter cells. e _ 3. Why must cytokinesis occur after, rather than before, anaphase? a Cytokinesis must occur after anaphase because before anaphase the chromatids are still bound together p by the centromere. If cytokinesis was to occur at this point, each new daughter cell would not have a p complete copy of chromosomes. During anaphase, the chromatids are pulled apart to opposite sides of the a cell by spindle fibres to ensure each new cell contains one of the chromatids, and therefore the same r genetic information. This is essential for the performance, and survival of the cell. a t 4. What functions does cell division accomplish? u 1. cell division allows for growth and development.Azygote starts off as a single cell and divides and s reproduces to form a fetus. Cells continue to divide as the baby grows to be an adult. _ 2. cell division allows to regenerate damaged tissues. For ex: your skin cells divide and reproduce new a cells to replace damaged/lost skin from injuries. n 3. cell division is also necessary for maintenance of the body. Some cells need to be replaced because d they cannot function properly. Other cells need to be replaced when they die. EX: millions of red blood _ cells die every day, and are replaced by new ones. t h 5. Describe the functions of the mitotic spindle apparatus and the centromere. e The centromere holds the two sister chromatids together. Sister chromatids are genetic copies of each _ other. The centromere holds the chromatids together through the prophase, and metaphase. Once mitosis c reaches the anaphase, the spindle apparatus attach to opposite sides of the chromatids which are aligned e in the middle of the cell. The main function of the spindle apparatus is to pull the two chromatids apart n and separate them to opposite sides of the cell. This is to ensure that each new daughter cell has a copy of t the cells genetic information which lies in the chromosomes. r o 6. Why is the replication process during interphase so important to cell division? m Chromosomes within the nucleus of a cell hold the genetic information needed to main
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