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Ryerson University
BLG 144
Richard Stew

sItna nlCirculation Review Unit 4 Lesson 23 Questions do in1 Describe the differences between arteries and veins ng arteries carry blood away from the heart towards the rest of the body gveins carry blood toward the hearts most arteries carry oxygenated blood st most veins carry deoxygenated blood ta pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs in pulmonary vein carries blood from the heart back to the lungsld artery has elastic wallsli vein has thinner wall with a larger circumference and lacks elasticityn fgo 2 Describe capillaries rcCapillaries are the smallest blood vessels typically less than 1 mm long They reach every corner ofathe body Capillaries have a diameter that is so small that red blood cells travel in single file through ssthem The thin walls allow exchange of materials between blood and cells Even though capillaries are oethe smallest blood vessels they have the largest total surface areas l 3 What function do capillaries serve o In a closed circulatory system blood always remains inside the capillaries It never flows out to bathe ntthe bodys cells directly Since the capillaries have very thin walls all exchange takes place inside the ghcapillaries Capillaries regulate the movement of fluids and other materials into and out of the bloodestream Blood releases oxygen and nutrients and picks up carbon dioxide and wastes c rl ae
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