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ProductOur product is introducing a gluten free donut across every Tim Hortons in Canada and in the United StatesAlthough there are many competitors within this industry the main companies along with Tim Hortons that represents 80 of this particular market are Second Cup Coffee Time McDonalds and StarbucksSince these companies already introduced donuts they will be our main competitors as they provide a direct substitute for Tim Hortons glutenfree donutOther Generic or Indirect markets may include other baked goods such as a chocolate chip cookie cheesecake brownie cheese Danish and everything bagel with cheeseEven Tim Hortons GlutenFree Coconut Macaroon is part of the indirect market because it can be substituted for the glutenfree donutOther indirect products include any bagels cookies muffins or other baked goods from companies such as Second Cup Country Style Coffee Time and Timothys Although each of these products can also be a substitute for Tim Hortons glutenfree donut it is still not as big of a concern because if people prefer having a donut rather than anything else the only substitute would be to receive a donut from any of these major competitorsAt this point the only ways to having a competitive advantage over Second Cup Coffee Time McDonalds and Starbucks is comparing the Price Promotion and Distribution as part of the promotional mixPriceOne of the factors that affect the choice of the promotional mix is the priceFor our product the price is more expensive since the cost of production is higher for the glutenfree products than the ones that contain glutenPeople with celiac disease and the ones that want to maintain a healthier diet are willing to pay more for the products that do not contain glutenAccording to Kathleen Kingsbury article the premium for the glutenfree groceries ranges between 76 and 518 percent more than their wheatbased counterpartsSince glutenfree products approximately are twice more expensive the assumption is that the production is twice more expensive as well Before deciding how to price our glutenfree donut we took a look at our biggest competition and their prices in comparison to Tim HortonsThe chart below showing the donut pricesTim HortonsPriceSingle donut99 of dozen4891 dozen749
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