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Ryerson University
Biomedical Engineering
BME 516
Richard Budny

RYERSON UNIVERSITYDepartment of Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringFLUID MECHANICSMEC522Sample Final Examination DATEEXAMINERProf RS BudnySECTIONS011061ASSOCIATEDr W LeongTIME3 hoursINSTRUCTIONS1OPEN BOOK EXAMSuggested aids for your own personal use are course textbook class notesassignmentssolutions noncommunicating electronic calculator drawingwriting instruments ie ruler set squares protractor pens and pencils2Prohibited items include cellphones text andor video display pagers and other wireless devices Palmpilots laptop computers radiosvideomusic players etc These must be switched off and left at the front of the exam room3Leave all bags and brief cases at the front of the exam room Travelling back and forth to bags and brief cases while the exam is in progress is NOT permitted4Candidates may not borrow or lend any materials while the exam is in progress5Answer all five 5 questions Marks are as indicated beside each question6Answer questions in the space provided You may use the back of the page if required Do not attach or insert any answers on scrap sheets of paperthese will not be marked7Candidates must layout their work clearly and legibly at all times otherwise marks may be lost Illegible answers will not be graded8Full marks will be awarded for correct answers using the correct method You must clearly show the method formulas and numbers used to solve the problem Marks will be deducted for incorrect units9Use engineering judgment when answering questions If you feel that there is a genuine error or omission in any question then make an assumption and draw this to the attention of the examiner right on the test paper and continue with the solution10DO NOT detach any sheets from the exam paperQuestionMarkNamePlease PRINT your name here15 Student IDWrite your student ID number25 612345SectionCircle your section number35 Seat 4Write your seat number5 55 Total 25
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