BLG 151 Study Guide - Final Guide: Chromosome Segregation, Mreb, Replisome

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28 Sep 2015

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Steps: selection of site for septum formation, assembly of z ring (composed of cytoskeletal protein called ftsz, linkage of z ring to plasma membrane (cell wall, assembly of cell wall synthesizing machinery, constriction of cell and septum formation. Microbes are given terms based on their temperature ranges for growth: psychrophiles 0c 20c with optima 0 15, psychrotrophs 0 35, mesophiles 20 45, thermophiles 55 85, hyperthermophiles 85 113. Ultraviolet (uv) radiation: wavelength most effectively absorbed by dna is 260 nm, mutations that lead to death, causes formation of thymine dimers in dna, requires direct exposure on microbial surface, dna damage can be repaired by several repair mechanisms. Lactose is used by lactose fermenters (e. g. e. coli); a ph indicator will change in color and stain lactose fermenting colonies reddish pink (because of neutral red): differential media distinguish between different groups of microorganisms based on their biological characteristics, blood agar, macconkey agar, mannitol salt agar.