BLG 151 Final: BLG 151 Chapter 4 Flashcards

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28 Sep 2015

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Blg 151 chapter 4 flashcards: genes encoding proteins: replication, transcription, translation, features in common with bacteria, genes for metabolism, other elements unique for archaea, unique rrna gene structure, capable of mehanogenesis. Archaeal size, shape, arrangement: much like bacteria cocci and rods are common shapes, other shapes can alos exist, no spirochetes or mycelia forms yet, branched/ flat shapes, sizes vary (typically 1 2 x 1 5 microm for rods, 1 5 microm in diameter for cocci, smallest observed is 0. 2 microm in diameter, largest is a multicellular form that can reach 30mm in length. 1: ether linkages rather than ester linkages to glycerol, some have monolayer structure instead of a bilayer structure, archaeal membrane lipids differ from bacteria and eukarya in having branched chain hydrocarbons attached to glycerol by ether linkages, polar phospholipids, sulfolipids, glycolipids and unique lipids are also found in archaeal membranes.