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BUS 100
David Schlanger

Textbook Assignment Part 1 Name: Aaina Jaiswal Course: BUS100-301 Student Number: 500508476 Date: Monday, October 15th 2012 Chapter 1- What's stopping you from getting started on your schoolwork? (pg. 59) To begin with, I would like to discuss how this article resonates with my personality. The article talks about some of the common reasons as to why people usually procrastinate and from what I have read, I think one of the reasons that truly relate to my personality is one procrastinates because one thinks they would have a hard time with the task that is required to be done. It can simply be because they think they don't posses certain skills or are introduced with a challenging new topic. Whenever I was required to finish an assignment or study for an upcoming test, I would usually clean up my room before starting to get on my task, delaying a more important and challenging work for later on. This didn't just create problems in finishing up my work but it also led to greater problems like working late night and sacrificing my sleep, causing even more harm than good. As a result of reading this article, I intend to promise myself that I would ignore procrastinating because it can lead to many problems such as low grades, poor health, higher rates of course drop out and makes you feel negative in general. In order to achieve this goal I would try my best to do my readings daily so that it doesn't create problems when I have an assignment due instead. I would try to do my assignments as soon as they are assigned and not wait until the deadline. I think it is important for me to bring this change in my life because it will help me to be a better and successful person in life. It is very important to bring this change right now instead of a few years from now because it is easier to get rid of some of the habits like procrastination when you are not old enough because later on you get used to of your own habits which becomes hard to get rid of. I would make short-term goals to make sure I am utilizing my time wisely and finishing up my work at the same time. If I succeed in doing so, I would be able to achieve good grades and this later on will reward me with a good and a high paying job. Chapter 1- Master Student Profile (pg. 68) This article talks about a very successful person, Terry Beech. Because of his strong determination, he achieved whatever he ever dreamt of. Talking about how this article resonates with me, I strongly think it has nothing in common with my personality because I don't make use of the opportunities that are right in front of me. According to the article when Beech heard about an 18-year old who became mayor in New York state, he thought he had a better chance to earn one of the 8 seats. This sets a good example of a person who is fully determined and never loses hope. He gave outstanding speeches with a lot of knowledge and courage about the issues in the community that kept everyone astonished and surprised. As a result of reading this article, I intend to prepare myself before the day of the lecture by reading the lecture slides a day before. As Beech suggested for any new candidate to know the issues of the society well before the election, similarly, one should always read through their lecture notes before attending the lecture. To remember this, I would make sure I have got all my lecture notes printed out before hand so that I can easily go through them. It is not so hard to follow this approach because to achieve something great one should always be determined whether it involves taking notes, or just something small as printing out notes beforehand. It is very important for me to know the material that the professor will be talking about a day before the lecture so that I can easily grasp the information and the knowledge that will be useful in the future. Chapter 2- Forget time management-just get things done (pg. 96) In this article, we are introduced with the aspects of how to prepare yourself to fully understand what a specific project requires you to do. According to David Allen, lack of time is not an issue instead, lack of understanding is the problem and not being able to understand what skills are required to finish a task. The problem of not understanding what exactly an assignment is asking one to do and having a difficulty with the definitions of certain words, definitely resonates with my personality. I remember staring at the same paper for hours due to the lack of understanding and then finding myself still not finishing up my work on time. This definitely created problems that led to health problems like depression of not being able to understand anything and then the fear of either failing or dropping out. As a result of reading this article, I intend to follow the steps suggested by David Allan. I would organize any assignments or projects that are important, incomplete and will be evaluated. Then out of those task, I would ask myself which is the most important work that needs to be done right away and what's the least important that can be delayed for later on. After that, on a chart paper I will mark my assignments or tests on the assigned dates so that I am aware of the upcoming due dates. Next, I would try to review that chart every other day so that I do not miss out on any deadlines and keep up with the work assigned. This will help me know how to spend my time wisely and also give me enough time to understand the assignments. This is a very easy way to solve this issue because once you have written a reminder in a form of a chart with the deadlines of your projects, you just have to remind yourself to review the chart every day. This goal is very important to me because it will help me have enough time to finish off any assignment along with better grades as a result of finishing up my work on time. Chapter 2- Be Here Now (pg. 102) This is a very interesting article talking about to be where you are when you are there. This isn't just as simple as reading it instead, it involves a lot of control over your mind and senses. I truly think this idea resonates with my personality because I notice myself thinking about a lot of other stuff which doesn't even relate to the topic I am studying for. This causes a delay in my work because it distracts me to think about that other stuff instead of focusing on what I should be studying for. This problem doesn't seem to be solved anyhow because your mind is always thinking something no matter how much you try to stop thinking about it. As a result of reading this article I intend to learn that when I am listening to a lecture, I should listen to the lecture, my mind will distract me but I will try my best to stay active and bring myself to where I am. To remain focused I would try to do yoga to bring peace to my mind and soul. This is realistic to do so because trying can get you anywhere, if I fail in doing it once I would try over again until I succeed in doing so. It is very important for me to achieve this goal because this will not only help me stay focused but also maintain a peace of mind. At the end I would be able to reward myself with better grades by doing what I am doing when I am doing it and by being where I am when I am there. Chapter 3- Keep your brain fit for life (pg. 122) It is very important to keep your brain fit because that is where memories are encoded. It is extremely important for any student to do so because they have a lot of information to absorb in their brain that will not be possible without keeping their brain active and stress free. The lesson from this article didn't really resonate with my personality because I usually stay up late to finish my class work which disrupts the idea of getting plenty of sleep therefore, not keeping my brain and my heart fit enough. My daily routine doesn't involve any sort of physical exercise, which is bad because it can cause diseases that can impair brain function. As a result of reading this article, I intend to pay full attention towards my health. I will always try to make use of my spare time because this provides your brain a workout. A lot of school work doesn't mean to not be socially active, so I will try to keep everything balanced like having a network of supportive friends which can help me in reducing stress levels. As a result of not being physically active I will try to give some of my time playing sports that will keep me active. Instead of eating more of junk food, I would also pay attention to my diet that will keep me healthy. Lastly, I would try to finish up my work as early as possible so that I don't have to sacrifice my sleep. It is very important to do so in order to keep my brain and my heart working for a long run. It is very realistic to do so because it just requires a little bit of effort which will benefit me in the future as well. Keeping my brain fit will help me understand and learn better and this later on will reward me with better grades and a healthy life. Chapter 3- Love Your Problems (and experience your barriers) (pg.131) It is very easy to say love your problems than to do it. I know how hard and annoying it gets to face the same problems over again once you get over the old ones. Well, everyone has problems and there is simply no end to it. But there is definitely a solution to one the problem and that is to not run away from the problems instead, one should always try solving these problems. As a result of reading this article, I intend to believe that I should always be positive towards the problems that put limitations on what I am really capable of doing. I have been put in those situations where I would be scared to death to perform or do a presentation in front of my class. This always resulted in poor grades and led t
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