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BUS 100
David Schlanger

Textbook Assignment Part 2 and Option 2 of The Essay Assignment Name: Aaina Jaiswal Course: BUS100-301 Student Number: 500508476 Date: Monday, November 19th 2012 Chapter 7- Ways to Create Ideas (pg: 232) This is a very important article because I think most of the people do struggle with coming up with new and creative ideas and they usually never find solutions to these kind of situations. This article resonates with my personality because I think I have also this problem of not being able to come with unique ideas. But when I read this article I understood how to deal with problem. It talks about brainstorming because this process allows one to discover new ideas and its provides with a technique to solve problems. As a result of reading this article, I intend to believe that if I follow these directions it would definitely help me do better in the future. Using the smarter goals technique, I would ask myself what exactly am I aiming to for, how exactly am I going to brainstorm the ideas. I would make sure I am using this technique at some point or the other when I am in such a situation. I will also make sure I set deadlines if not met this technique. This goal is very important to me because I know it would definitely help me succeed in the future because it would let me think more effectively. Chapter 7- Create On Your Feet (pg: 236) Its been that there is a very popular trend for people who work in offices to work while standing. According to this article, standing has way more advantages as compare to sitting and doing work. This articles resonated with my personality because I think I do exactly opposite of what this article is suggesting us because I do most of my school on my bed and I always like to sit than rather than standing. The articles says that standing has got more advantages over sitting because it keep oneself alert no matter where they are. Another advantage of it would be that standing improves our both understanding and problem-solving skills. As a result of reading this article, I intend to improve myself from now onwards and I will promise myself to never do any work while sitting until it is very urgent. I will try my best to set goals so that I am doing most of my while standing. I will make sure I follow those small steps that will help me keep up with this goal like being able to do this every day for few days until I am used to it. Doing this is very important to me because it will help solve my school problems and help me do better. Chapter 7- The problem of Egocentric Thinking (pg: 239) This is the problem with most of the people unless they are really matured and nice. People don't usually put an effort to understand from someone else's point of view as well instead they pressure them with their views only. The articles resonates with my personality very much because I think I am one of those people who is not so mature and do not understand other's point of view at all times. The article talks about how this is natural for people to do this because we don't think before we differentiate ourselves from others and therefore, we differentiate our views from other too and our views is all that matters to us. One should always look thinks from others' perspective because who knows one might just learn something new that others might not even know about. As a result of reading this article, I intend understand how important it is to not just stick your own views instead understand what others know about the situation, what other think and what they feel about the same things. I will make sure I never differentiate my views from others and to help me stick to this goals I will make sure I observe this change everyday no matter how simple of a thing it is. It is very important to do this because it can help me understand and learn different kind of things which can increase my abiity to understand any possible thing. Chapter 8- Resolve Conflicts With Roommates (pg: 267) This article is very interesting because it talks about the facts that one must have never heard of or known about. The article resonates with my personality in a way because I believe somewhat the same as what they have discussed in the article. I believe that one should always be close to the person they are living together with whether it's their mom or dad or siblings. It talks about the person one live with share a delicate bond and one must always try to make sure that bond always stay strong. There are many conflicts that can arise amongst the roommates related to the sharing of rent and stuff like these but one should always try to end these conflict with the help of negotiations and that doesn't help they should always try to keep calm and talk in peace somewhere in alone where everything can get settled. As a result of reading this article, I intend to understand that communicating is very important if caught in any sort of argument. From now onwards, I will make sure I never get in kind of arguments with the person I am living but even then if I happen to get in any sorts of argument I will always try to keep calm and try to solve it with patient and care. It is important for me to set this goal for myself because I can be in this situation in the future and I should be knowing how to handle with such situations. Chapter 8- You Deserve Compliments (pg: 268) Sometimes it happens we are too concerned about what others think of us. This leads to problems when we don't hear what we are hoping to hear. One is always hoping that they are able to satisfy everyone and that everyone just compliments them like no tomorrow. But when this situation is not being met, people usually get frustrated and refuse to accept any bad compliments which is result really bad in some situations. Therefore, this articles provides us with the ways to handle such compliments. It resonates with me definitely because I am not usually able to accept bad compliments too easily and sometimes I take them too personally. As a result of reading this article, I intend to know that let the person opposite to oneself compliment however they want to and should always wait for one's chance to give a compliment which doesn't insult the person opposite to them, as well as provide oneself to be a strong person in life. I will always make sure I am not taking any of the compliments negatively and always try to smile through all the compliments because after all that is part of life and not everyone is going to like what I do or like. It is important for me to change this habit of mine so that I do not over think in such situations and just stay calm. Chapter 8- Tools for Writing Group Projects (pg: 278) It sometimes happen that working in the group projects becomes harder especially in universities when people are from all over the place. This article has got a solution to this problem. It talks about how exactly group projects have become easier to work on than individual assignments. It allows one to share ideas and if one is not able to stay personally connected with the group members they can always stay connected through blackboard and share ideas and work on the group project through the discussion section. This doesn't really resonate with my personality because I haven't come across such a situation. But this would definitely help me in the future to know where exactly to stay connected if I ever happen to work in a group project. I will make sure to always keep this and this will be the ultimate goal for me to keep in mind. Although, this doesn't resonate with my personality, I believe that I should make sure other who are facing this problem should definitely be aware of this solution. In order to reduce the level of these kind of situations I will make sure I am doing my best for the people who doesn't know about this and I will make sure I guide them through this so that they can do better in the group project. Chapter 9- High Versus Low Context Cultures (pg: 299) This article is pretty interesting to me because it maybe talks about just high context and low context cultures but this also involves many countries all around the world which are not so different in terms of high and low context. This article resonates with my personality because I believe it is up to the listener to understand know about our culture instead conveys the message myself. As a result of reading this article, I intend to understand more about my culture and understand that I am from high context culture because I believe people would have the same background knowledge as I do. I believe it is not good to assume that the listener would definitely know all about my culture because I am sure I would definitely not know everything about their culture as well. This is why I believe we should all be knowing about each and every culture not only because it can create problems later on but it is also good to always increase one's general knowledge. I will always make sure I keep this thing in mind when interacting with different cultures and never forget that I do not know all about every culture so I need to improve myself first before pointing at someone else. Chapter 9- Strategies For Non-Sexist Communication There is often that teenagers include phrases like "that's so gay", this doesn't just show bad behaviour of yours but it also tells one how this person doesn't value people's feelings. As a result of such excessive usage of these phrases, people don't remember to not use them while writing or talking to someone formally. This can result into the worst circumstances. People who do not talk at all like that may get offended even though it doesn't affect them at all in any manner. Therefore, this article has a good way to ignore sexist communication. Some of the ways that it suggest would be like usage of gender-neutral terms, use examples that include both men and women, alternate pronoun gender, switch to plural, and avoid words that imply sexist stereotypes. Reading this article helped me
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