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BUS 720

Celine Nguyen BBI 2O1 January 7, 2013 Credit Rating – 0 to 9 0 – This credit rating means that the person has no credit rating and that they are too new to rate. They have never been granted credit or paid any bills. Example: A child would have a credit rating of 0 because they have no bills to pay since there parents are responsible for them and pay the bills. They have never paid for a loan or bill before, therefore they cannot be assessed. 1 – This credit rating means that you pay your bills/loans within 30 days of the payment due date. It can also mean that not one of your payments are past the due date. Example: Jane Doe has to pay off her credit card each month. By the end of each month, she has paid off her credit card bill and has never been late. Therefore, since she pays her credit card bill within
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