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Ryerson University
Chemical Engineering
CHE 426
Vikraman Baskaran

GMS 401 Midterm Study Notes Format of Term Test#1: 2 hours, stats calculator, formula sheet given. Essay question---do 1 of 3 @10 marks. Taken from Chapters 1,2, 4, 4S, 7, 7S. -some questions may come from "Discussion and Review Questions" at the end of each chapter. Some will not but the questions will be based on major topics--not obscure points in the text. I expect a full- page answer (single spaced, normal sized writing) at a minimum for the essay answer. Point form or even diagrams are acceptable. Whatever way you can convey your answer to me. Quantitative Questions--do any 2 of 3 shown below @10 = 20 Topics for Quant Questions: -Reliability and MTBF (mean time between Failures) Ch 4S -Work/Time Study ----Chapter 7 -Learning Curves- Ch 7S The questions in the quant area will be similar to what we will be covering in class using the 45 page exercise book every student was provided with. A fresh formula sheet set like the yellow one given out in class will be provided on term tests for your use during the term test--yours to keep or discard--please do NOT hand these back in at test end. -unsupported calculations are scored ZERO. There MUST BE an "Audit Trail" to show the steps you took in arriving at your answer. -Test time for mid-terms is 2 hours. 1. The essay questions will come from the TEXTBOOK directly. The que
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