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[CHY 102] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 83 pages long Study..
[CHY 102] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 83 pages long Study Guide!

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Ryerson University
CHY 102
Sharonna Greenberg

Ryerson CHY 102 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at THE PERIODIC TABLE Periods horizontal rows in a periodic table in which are found elements with differing properties Familiesvertical groupings in which are found elements with similar properties As you move from left to right metals transition to nonmetals. Noble Gases Group 0 least reactive of all the elements named noble gases because they are gases at room temp and pressure Alkali Metals atomic one greater than the noble gases highly reactive, exhibit metallic properties Halogens Group VII nonmetallic properties react with H to form compounds which dissolve in water to form acidic solution combine with metals to form compounds called salts Hydrogen unique, included in Group I it has properties unlike those of all the others Isoelectronic elements whose electron configurations are the same Valence electronsthe electrons in the outer energy levels are the ones which usually participate in chemical reactions Valence shellhighest energy level ELECTRON AFFINITY It is the change in energy that occurs when an atom gains an electron. When a negative ion is formed, lots of energy is released (an exothermic reaction). So much so that scientists give it a negative value. Electron affinity has negative values. The greater the electron affinity (EA), the more it wants to accept electrons. Halogens have high EA. Alkali metals have very low EA, and sometimes their EA may even be +ve. Noble gases have very low EA. Elements with high EA have very high IE. Elements with small EA have small IE. find more resources at
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