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CHY102 Final: Summative Essay Rough Last Minute Add-Ons.docx

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CHY 102

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nd 2 paragraph If a person keeps themselves from becoming intimate with others, the weaker parts of one's make-up and inner person do not become exposed. Thus, that person can protect themselves from being hurt by not letting people into the inner circle of that person’s life, and by quickly alienating the individual who attempts to do so. Alienation can sometimes be used as a different form of self-protection because people who alienate themselves don't necessarily do it out of fear. They can do it out of arrogance, or a preference for being alone, or just having given up on other people for reasons of their own. This can be related to both novels as Holden and Charlie both chose to use alienation as a form of self-protection. In ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, (add example, state quote and reference, explanation of quote). In ‘Flowers for Algernon’, (add example, state quote and reference, explanation of quote). 3 paragraph The importance of family is just amazing in life. The importance of family in today's society is to provide a support for each other and to share our lives with other people who we are related to. Family will be there for you when no one else is. It is also important to have family if
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