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Civil Engineering
CVL 423
Chris Rogers

Key words/study topics • Black hole • Meterorite • Asteroid • Superbolide • Chicxulub -Yucatan • Impact crater • Impact breccia • Extinction of dinosaurs • Iridium • Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary • Geologic timescale • Near earth object (NEO) • NASA report on NEO’s • How to deflect NEO’s • Earth Impact database on Wikipedia Types of plate boundaries • Divergent – Oceanic • mid–Atlantic ridge – Continental • East African rift valley • Convergent – Oceanic - Oceanic • Aleutian islands and Lesser Antilles – Oceanic – Continental • Andes – Continental-Continental • Himalayas, Alps And also Transform – San Andreas Fault Key words / Study topics • Core (solid and liquid) • Mantle • Crust (two types) • Continental drift • Alfred Wegener • Trilobite • Glacial striae • Glacial till and tillite • Magnetic pole • Palaeomagnetism • Other evidence for Continental drift • Magnetic field reversal • Basalt • Magnetic intensity • Mid-ocean ridge system • Sea floor spreading • Convection currents • Plate tectonics • Plate boundaries and types • Subduction zones • Rock cycle • Geologic Time Scale Mineral • A naturally (?) occurring inorganic element or compound having an orderly internal structure and char
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