CMN 279- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 14 pages long!)

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We write reports to: inform managers and co workers, assist w planning, keep a record of company activity. Business reports have to be: accurate (use facts not opinions, complete (details and evidence, objective (cover the issue from all sides) Ask: why am i writing this report. Wednesday, september 27, 2017: how will it be used, what background do readers need what info is important, how can you make info easy to understand. Informal reports: routine, internal, short reports may: Formal reports: long reports for external audience: Apply traditional structure of report (title page, transmittal letter, table of contents, summary: elements. Front matter: cover, title page, letter of transmittal (letter/memo, table of contents and list of gures, executive summary (10% of length of report, overview of report"s most important info) : intro (what the issue is, what to expect in the report) Wednesday, september 27, 2017: discussion of ndings, conclusions (what the ndings mean, recommendations (what steps to take next)