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CMN 124
John Burry

CMN 124 BUSINESS COMMUNICATON ASSIGNMENT #4 NEGATIVE LETTER 276 fairlady Street Toronto, ON M5T 9B3 November 6, 2013 Mr. Marcel Proust, 5081 University Avenue Toronto, ON M5R 0G8 Subject: Regarding Premium Level Fitness Dear Mr. Proust: We are extremely happy to learn that you are enjoy being part of our Forever Fitness club. We provide unmatched late night access to special club sponsored events, priority status bookings to our court times, social events and travel programs all bundled with our Premium Level program starting at $150 monthly. Like our many appreciated customers, Forever Fitness will continue to provide premium service and ease of mind for our customers in the the years to come. Due to the high number of our Premium Level members it is essential for us to keep our members happy and also to provide them with guaranteed satisfaction. Unfortunately,
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