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CMN 124
Richard Mc Master

Final Analytical Report Assignment Introduction • Identify the purpose of the report. Explain why the report is being written. Provide adequate context. Define problem precisely.Why is it a problem? • Preview the organization of the report. Briefly explain to the reader how the report will be organized. • Description of methodology (as appropriate) • Don’t reveal conclusions and recommendations. Use the indirect pattern for this report to be persuasive: save your recommendations for the end of the report after you have provided all your evidence and arguments. Discussion • Ensure main points and subpoints are immediately apparent • Identify criteria to evaluate alternatives. Create criteria to allow you to compare each alternative consistently. Briefly define criteria for reader. Not all criteria will be equally important. Consider weighting them in your analysis (pairwise comparison?). • Introduce solution options, then evaluate solution options according to evaluative criteria. Provide consistent analysis. Evaluate each alternative consistently according to each criterion. Consider organizing discussion by criteria rather than solution option. For unreceptive audiences, consider placing the recommended alternative last. • Support the findings with evidence. Supply research, facts, statistics, argument, expert opinions, historical comparisons, survey data, and other proof from which you can draw logical conclusions. Carefully cite your sources. • Organize the findings for logic and readability. Arrange the discu
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