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CMN 124
Sheila Rosenberg

CMN 124 Final ReportAssume you work as a program manager at Ryersons Digital Media ZoneAs you may know the DMZ serves as an incubator for new digital media solutions and helps emerging Internet entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable commercial venturesFor more information on the DMZ visit httpdigitalmediazoneryersoncaaboutAlso assume that as part of its mandate to foster innovation the DMZ awards an annual 20000 Startup Prize to the team of student entrepreneurs that has the most promising idea for an app or internetbased serviceThe prize is intended to help get the idea off the ground and take it from initial concept to preliminary developmentAs program manager you are tasked with identifying potential nominees for the award The nominated teams will then present their ideas before a selection committee and a final winner will be chosenRecently a team approached you with an idea that you think is especially promisingMake up an app or internetbased service or use an existing one and pretend it hasnt been developed yetWrite a report to your boss Valerie Fox the Executive Director recommending that this team be among the nominees for this years DMZ Startup PrizeAs Ms Fox is not expecting the report be sure to use the indirect writing patternInclude an expanded or detailed purpose statement and at
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