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Ryerson University
CMN 279
Stan Benda

There are three parts to the Module 4/5 Assignment. The instructions below pertain to the second part of the assignment, the Peer Editing exercise. 1) The first part is a draft in which you will compose a persuasive piece of writing and submit it online through the link in the assignments folder. Your persuasive piece of writing will be composed for a social media context, and will be a response to a complaint on TripAdvisor, which can be found in the next section Module 4/5 Assignment. Read both Module 4 and 5 before completing your draft. The draft is required for the second part of the assignment. 2) The second part requires that you peer edit another person’s draft online. Once you submit your work (through the link in the assignments folder) the system will assign you another student’s work to peer edit. Please see the Peer Editing Instructions below to complete this part of the assignment. Your GA will be grading your peer-editing exercise, and it is worth 3% of your final mark. 3) Finally, you will be required to read the feedback you receive from your peer and use this feedback to compose a final draft of the persuasive piece. Your GA will be grading the final persuasive piece. It is worth 3% of your final mark. Peer-Editing Instructions Before providing peer-editing feedback, refer to and review the peer-editing guide and video in Module 4 (Persuasive Peer Editing). In your peer-edit, you are required to provide feedback according to the three levels of editing described in the guide:  Editing for content  Editing for organization  Editing for style/format Focus on providing useful, constructive criticism of about 300 words. Put your feedback in the textbox provided and break it down clearly according to the three levels of editing. You may also use the "comment bubble" feature that allows you to insert small or specific edits on the original document such as spelling errors. Your GA will be marking your peer-edit. If you have any questions about the content or submission process for your peer-edit, please contact your GA . The individual peer-editing assignment is worth 6% of your final grade (peer edit feedback 3%, final social media message 3%). As the hotel manager, write a response to this complaint, that would appear on TripAdvisor that regains the public's and guest's confidence in the reputation of the hotel and persuades new and repeat customers to stay at the hotel. Use an indirect persuasive approach in your message, with evidence to support your claims. Manufacture any reasonable deta
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