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Ryerson University
CMN 279
Stan Benda

As the hotel manager, write a response to this complaint, that would appear on TripAdvisor that regains the public's and guest's confidence in the reputation of the hotel and persuades new and repeat customers to stay at the hotel. Use an indirect persuasive approach in your message, with evidence to support your claims. Manufacture any reasonable details that are needed to support your argument. Wet and wild—don’t stay here!!! As a business traveler, I’d heard great things about the Crone Plaza Hotel and its four-star rating re-assured me that I could expect the best in comfort, service and amenities. That’s why I’m appalled by the experience I had on my recent three-day business trip—appalled and out-of- pocket. Katrina at the desk did a great job of finding me a terrific room on a high floor (no. 632) with guaranteed WiFi connection. Everything at first was fine. After a great night’s sleep, I went down for breakfast—one of the only really good things about this hotel—and when I came back I found my room flooded, with a serious stream of water dripping down from the ceiling vent on to my suitcase—which was soaked—and on to my computer bag. Not only that, the suit jacket that I had to wear at a 10am business presentation was soggy and rumpled, completely unwearable. I immediately phoned the front desk and told them that water was continuing to flow in from the air conditioning vent and ceiling and I was told an engineer would be up soon to inspect the problem. He
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