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Ryerson University
CMN 279
Stan Benda

Introduction: At your request, I will analyze the working conditions, salary, and educational requirements for the two jobs that you are interested: doctors and dentists. I have conducted my research based on polls, articles, as well as government websites to help you finalize your decision. This report will clearly outline all the information you need, as well as a personal recommendation based on the information provided. Findings: First we will look at the working conditions and the differences between the two starting with doctors. It is very common for doctors to practice in at least two settings. Most of the time, these places consists of hospitals and private offices (General Practitioners and Family Physicians, 2012 ). Working in two places means that doctors will frequently run on irregular schedules. Occasionally, doctors will work at private offices when they are needed; usually on a nine to five basis and will sometimes work overtime if they make an exception for a client. Working at a hospital means you will have on calls which means you are on standby day and night no matter the time. With the irregular schedules and the high demands for practitioners, this will cause extreme working hours, usually between 45-60 hours per week making it hard to be around family. Doctors must have the ability to work under extreme exhaustion as well as be able to treat patients at the same time. Doctors can experience feet problems as well as vision problems, especially when doing long surgeries (Career Cruising, 2013) Dentists usually have their own practice, which comes with a lot of responsibility. Dentists must take care of patients but also all their staff such as dental hygienists, dental assistants, and secretaries Some dentists are not interested in running their own business, thus, working in a hospital instead (Essential Skills, 2012). Most dentists work 7-8 hours a day Monday through Friday, whereas some make up their own hours. They do work some weekends depending on how accommodating they are. When it comes to the job itself, it can be physically demanding. Dentists experience neck and back pain, and can also be on their feet for many hours. A major benefit dentists have is the ability to build relationships with their clients as they can talk to them about anything while doing a cavity fill or a contraction (Career Cruising, 2013). Moving along, I will provide information about the salaries. On the Government of Canada website, they help break down the wages from the lowest to highest possible. For a medical doctor in Toronto, the lowest earnings they can have is an estimate $67,520, average is $243,981, and the highest is $315,937. Dentists can make less than a doctor depending on the situation. For dentists in the Toronto region, the lowest a dentist usually makes is roughly $45,502, an average amo
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