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Chapter 3 Business Style Word Choice, Conciseness, and Tone

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CMN 279
Gaye Savage

CHAPTER 3 BUSINESS STYLE WORD CHOICE CONCISENESS AND TONE WORD CHOICE PLAIN STYLE y Plain style plain language a style of writing that places value on simplicity directness and clarity y Characteristics of plain style i Use common everyday words except for necessary technical terms ii Use reasonable sentence lengths iii Use activevoice and phrasal verbs y Voice a describes a verbs ability to show whether the subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon y Phrasal verb verb that combines with one or more prepositions to deliver its meaning iv Use personal pronouns y Pronouns words that replace or refer to nouns i you and we v Use unambiguous language y Ambiguity term that describes an obscure or inexact meaning vi Place a subject as close as possible to the verbWORD CHOICE STEP 1 USE FAMILIAR WORDS y Curb your use of words ending in ize and ization y Use words deriving from French sparingly do not over use o EX Converse apprise commence y Avoid foreign word phrases o EX Bona fide genuine per diem a day quid pro quo substitute compensate y Use only jobrelated jargon o Jargon term that describes 1 the specialized terminology of a technical field or 2 outdated unnecessary words used
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