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CRM 200 Final: CRM 200 Criminal Law Semester Notes

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Ryerson University
CRM 200
Alexandra Orlova

3:51 PM CRM 200: Criminal Law Week One (Readings: Overview pp. 123) 1. PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE LAW: It is conventional to divide law into two parts: (1) Public Law concerned with issues that affect the interests of the entire society. (2) Private Law concerned with the regulation of the relationships that exist between individual members of society. 2. Definition and Classification of Crimes in Canada: A crime consists of several major elements: Conduct that is prohibited (Actus Reus and Mens Rea); Conduct is prohibited because it is considered to have an evil or undesirable effect upon the public (Margarine Reference case (1949); Penalty may be imposed when the prohibition is violated. 3. Definition and Classification of Crimes in Canada (contd): In Canada, offences are classified into three categories: summary conviction offences; indictable offences; hybrid (Crownelect) offences the Crown prosecutor has a choice of how to proceed (either by indictment or by summary conviction procedures). 4. Court Structure in Canada: FEDERAL COURT: 1
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