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Stephen Muzzatti

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FRAMING CRIME EXAM REVIEW Unit 59 Chapters 9 10 11 did not do 12CHAPTER NINE DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT Commodification of violence and marketing of transgression can be really obvious lol White House Down and GTA but it can also be more subtle such as car ads targeted towards regular everyday people SEDUCED naturally exhibit desire and fixation required by in mediated consumer societies and in a position to satisfy their desires through continual cycles of hyperconsumption THEYBUY AND BUY AND BUY TO SATISFYREPRESSED collateral damage of consumerism they are FAILED consumers and represent an evergrowing marginalized mass fail to adequately perform consumer duties their habits are insufficient in integrating them into the acceptable epochs of consumer society Lexus 350pursuit of now in the Moments ad Theres fast scary fast and then theres remember this moment for the rest of your life fast Pursue the moment Basically plays on the mundane breaking out from their routine and the Lexus is the key to doing that because a break in routine is a luxury ex Youve worked hard now treat yourselfKIAGoths The Reptiles as RepressedCajun driver as SeducedEventually the Goths start hollering with the Cajun thus they have been schooledVolkswagen JettaRegular guy comes out to see thugs around his car eyeing itThey invite him to go carlooking to which he doesnt agree toAs he drives away he is satisfied that he avoided a mugging and teaching the thugs about consumerism Presdee debris of everyday lifewe dont need to look at the most dramatic or heinous examples of popular culture for scrutiny subtle and routinized disciplinary ordinances also try to convey the same messages just in a different mannerCHAPTER TEN STAGING AN EXECUTION
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