CRM 100- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 12 pages long!)

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Rule of law: everyone subject to the law: principles: accountability, laws are public and clear, process for laws fair and e cient, justice delivered timely and ethical. Ccrf: 1982: guarantees fundamental freedoms, legal rights and equal rights for all, provides protection for individuals and ensures fairness during legal proceedings, all components of justice system must conform to the charter. Criminal law v civil law: subject: public v private, responsibility: criminal o enders and wrongdoing v private disputes. %1: standard of proof: beyond a reasonable doubt v balance of probabilities. Criminal justice: the study of social control and the agencies that are involved in the process. Criminology: scienti c study of crime and criminal behaviour. Flow: incident, police, courts, corrections and parole. Adversarial justice system: two opposing sides: basic principles: Insanity (not criminally responsible if you don"t know the act was wrong)