CRM 304 Study Guide - Final Guide: Young Offenders Act, Crime Time, Racial Profiling

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Police contact: at the point of contact, a police officer has the discretion to choose the course of action, min legal requirements for guidance, choice of actions. In other words, cant place youth in pretrial detention for their own good : number of young persons held in pretrial detention increased substantially under. If custodial sentence is imposed, then the court must state reasons why a non-custodial sentence was not appropriate: going to court. Lecture 9: all youth who are arrested to not get charged and all youth who go to court end up getting arrested, caseloads = number of cases increased for the first 10 years of yoa. Youth justice as injustice: s. 3 of the ycja recognizes important social, historical, cultural, gender, and other differences among canadian youth and therefore all measures taken within youth justice policy should "respect gender, ethnic, cultural [ ]"

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