ENG 110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Scale-Invariant Feature Transform, Aeschylus, Mental Substance

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Professor jonathan rollins - fall 2017 - ryerson university. A general overview of some chief concerns. Interrogative tone: cf. introduction, play opens with a question and keeps them coming right to the end. Oscar wilde: are commentators on hamlet mad or only pretending to be? . Is gertrude guilty: should hamlet commit regicide? (the action of killing a king) Concealment, dissembling (conceal ones true motives, feelings or beliefs: so much lies hidden. Problem of reality: is/seems, is/is not, assume, habit, put on/perform, clothing, costume, disguise/masquerade, surfaces, painting. Surveillance: watching and being watched, cf. Branagh version of hamlet: denmark as panopticon (a circular prison where the prisoners could be watched at all times) Polonius to reynaldo: make inquire (2. 1. 4: i. e. spy on laertes for me in paris. Claudius to r&g: glean (2. 2. 16: glean = collect something bit by bit, i. e. spy on hamlet for us. Claudius to gertrude: we shall sift him (2. 2. 58)

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