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Final exam study notes on important topics covered throughout the course (cumulative)

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ENG 112
Richard Mc Master

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ENG Final Exam Notes: Connections and Stuff. :P Pop Culture: General Browne: Folk, Elite, Mass Elite: economic, capital, universal, transcendent (going beyond ordinary limits, extreme) Mass: degraded from of elite culture Folk: Community oriented Detective fiction, can be looked at being catered to mass audience, (printed in newspaper for all to see) Dracula seen as an elite novel due to the economic classes subtly shown (Dracula as the immigrant, lower class. The others, in Victorian times, reputable careers, wealthy) Works that we studied considered pop culture, so pertains to the masses. Why are they popular to the masses?Relatable, but fantastic. Dream like (Riders of the Purple Sage. Mysterious cowboy, rebellious man). Depicts emotions and amplifies them (ex. Fear) Fiske Article Popular text cannot be transcendent Pop culture is linked to the culture of the here and now, not the always and forever Depending on the works studied, do they stand the test of time? Dracula: Still relevant to horror. Can be linked to terrorism today. A new kind of horror and unknown Riders of the Purple Sage: A romantic. Main basis doesnt seem relevant (Western). Romanticized interactions with characters, Byronic hero still relevant Maus: Not dated, doesnt describe any 80s things. A historical work, but in a form that is revolutionary and hasnt been explored to the fullest extent Rule of Four: Seemed a bit dated with regards to technology, Somewhat modern day Sherlock holmes mystery. But wouldnt stand the test of time The Truman Show: extremely relevant in which it almost directed how society would look at things like reality tv. The growing scrutiny of privacy, and being watched, ignorance growing, so this will still remain relevant. Zeitgeist Spirit of the Age Cultures sense of itself Important at the time, but then becomes forgotten Dracula: Reflects Victorian values and how things were supposed to work (Eg. When married, consummated marriage. Very polite, asks permission with suitors to marry Lucy, Females treated unequally) Riders of the Purple Sage: Explored sense to nature. Sense of adventure. Growth. Maus: Reflects time of discovery. Learning about Holocaust. Maus shows this in a historically realistic, but different way (comic book form) Rule of Four: Reflects maybe sense of education. Education and scholars treated with respect. (while back in the day, they might not have been revered and more feared) The Truman Show: Shows the reality show age. How real is reality? Open and Closed Text Open text, reader can choose own interpretation, lots of different readings Closed text, pulls reader along a predetermined path, not much room for interpretation Dracula: closed. Riders: open Maus: closed Rule: open Truman: closed Pop Lit Theories Theory 1: Pop Lit as a Cultural Ritual Cultural pattern that embodies cultural preoccupations Provides principles, uses from Culture See Zeitgeist examples
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