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Final exam study notes on reviews of all the books covered in class

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ENG 112
Richard Mc Master

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Pop Lit Final Exam Study Notes Summaries of Novels Dracula Jonathan Harker (lawyer) goes to Castle Dracula in Eastern Europe Foreshadowing that its a bad place from others Inn that Harker stays at, woman gives him crucifix While going to Castle Dracula, Harker hears lots of wolves The count: tall old man, clean-shaven, white moustache, clad in black, very strong, very cold hand, animalistic features (sharp teeth, hairy) Very normal at first, good dinner, talked about Carfax, the new mansion Dracula is purchasing Dracula doesnt have reflection While trapped, Harker sees the 3 voluptuous women. Try to seduce and attack him Mina Murray, and Lucy Western Lucys proposals o Dr Seward Lunatic asylum o Quincey Morris Rich American o Arthur Holmwood Marrying Lucy Seward looking closely at new patient Renfeild, eats flies, spiders, sparrows Lucy has sleepwalking trouble, Mina goes to find Lucy with a mysterious dark figure Lucys healthy is suffering because of it. Harker comes back, in really bad shape, Mina and Harker get married Lucys health getting worse, Arthur calls for Seward, but then Seward calls for Van Helsing Lucy needed blood transfusion, Arthur gives blood with help of Van Helsing Good, but then bad again, Van Helsing transfuses blood Van Helsing has garlic flowers that are placed around Lucys neck Lucys mom takes out all the garilic, Lucy needed another transfusion For Seward, Renfield attacks him and licks up his blood Lucys mom and Lucy in Lucys room and a wolf breaks through the glass. Lucys mom suffers heart attack Lucy needs another transfusion, Quincey Morris comes and is able to do transfusion Arthur comes to see fiancafter his father dies Lucy dies Buries Lucy, coffin with garlic, and crucifix in mouth Also during this time, children are getting abducted by someone dubbed the Bloofer Lady (Beautiful lady) Van Helsing visits Mina to talk about Lucys death, and Mina gives Van Helsing Harkers diary Bloofer lady= Lucy
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