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ENH 122 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Achlorhydria, Serotype, Myalgia

Sudden onset; profuse watery stools (enterotoxin affecting small intestine), Untreated: dehydration, acidosis, circulatory collapse, hypoglycemia in ch
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ENH 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Odds Ratio, Rare Disease, Relative Risk

OC8449092 Page
Very short- the shorter the better so we can define the study as of a specific point in time. Time needed to find and interview the cases and the contr
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The study of all the mechanisms and determinant of the disease which lead to the illness. Any microbiological, chemical, or physical exposure or substa
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ENH 122 Study Guide - Cohort Study, Odds Ratio

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Epidemiology DISEASES CHART!.doc

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Ingestion of food containing soil or feces and then held under conditions that permit multiplication of the organism. Inadequately heating of meats (ch
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DEFINITIONS in Epidemiology.docx

OC299624 Page
Some definitions are shown as being in the ccdm text. The others may vary slightly but you should be able to apply them without difficulty in a real di
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