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ENH 220 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Cirrhosis, Cystic Duct, Cholesterol

Environmental Health
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ENH 220
Eric Liberda
Study Guide

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ENH 220
Chapter 12 Quiz
The Liver, The Biliary System, and The Pancreas
Answers in bold.
1. Hep. B virus infection (HBV) and Hep. C virus infection (HCV) has many
similar features. Which of the following statements does not apply to both
HBV and HCV? Immunization protects against infection.
2. Which of the following statement does not describe a primary function of the
liver? Storage of chemicals such as sodium, phosphorous, and
3. Which of the following statements regarding the Hep. A virus is INCORRECT?
It is a very fragile virus that does not survive in the environment after it
is excreted by an infected person.
4. Because of the serious complications that can occur in some infected persons,
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that certain
groups of high-risk individuals be tested for asymptomatic HCV infection.
Which of the following groups are NOT included in their recommendation?
Food service employees.
5. A characteristic feature of severe alcoholic liver injury is the accumulation of
irregularly shaped, pink deposits within the cytoplasm of the liver cells. What
are these structures? Mallory bodies
6. Which of the following statements regarding cholelithiasis is INCORRECT?
Gallstones blocking the cystic duct can cause obstructive jaundice.
7. All of the following conditions may lead to cirrhosis, EXCEPT: Hep. A virus
infection (HAV)
8. Most gallstones are composed primarily of which of the following?
9. Which of the following statements does NOT apply yo HBV infection? No
effective immunization is available to prevent infection of susceptible
10. The breakdown of red blood cells produces which of the following? Bile
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