ENT 601 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Waterfall Model, Retail, Southwest Airlines

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Used to believe startups were smaller version of companies: business plan, financial model, execute. Startup: temporary organization build to search for repeatable and scalable business model using using bmc. Features they value: most startups fail from a lack of customers, rather than failure of product development, execute after found plan. Pivot if not validated, go back to discovery: execution. Incrementally interact with customer, test each portion, and see if what we are building has a home in the market. After customer development and agile development: product management agile, or waterfall development. Large companies build a large functional organization: startups may not want to duplicate the same organizational structure, founders need to run a customer development team. No sales, marketing, business development on day one. How a company creates value for itself while delivering products or service. Customer development process: post it to the wall (create visible, new canvas, get out of the building (talk to customers, partners, vendors)