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Entrepreneurship and Strategy
ENT 505
Vikraman Baskaran

BUS 100: Careers and Employer Partnerships Assignment: DUE OCTOBER 29 , 2012 th This year the Centre for Careers and Employer Partnerships in TRSM is collaborating with BUS 100 to help introduce and orientate students to the services that are offered to help business students with their career planning and development. Students will be required to complete an assignment that will allow them to become familiar with two key resources that the Careers office is using: ClearFit and WhoPlusYou. It is important that students have a presence on both of these online tools because they are the platform through which the Careers office will be connecting with students to engage them with employers. Course objective: To facilitate student enrolment within the Centre for Careers and Employer Partnerships at TRSM and to utilize the self-assessment and placement tools for career path development. Assignment: Part One Visit the websitehttps://app1.clearfit.com/?ej=RYE0001- 8 and complete a ClearFit assessment. The assessment will provide you with a “Career Feedback Report” which outlines your work style characteristics and strengths. Save the Feedback Report to your computer or USB key. The “Career Feedback Report” will be e-mailed to you upon completion of the assessment. By filling out a ClearFit profile the Centre for Careers and Employer Partnerships will be able to match you with employers that are looking for characteristics and strengths similar to yours. When a match is identified, the Centre for Careers and Employer Partnerships will notify you of special opportunities such as networking events, internships and jobs that are relevant to your core characteristics and strengths. Part Two The second part of the assignment requires you to create an account on www.WhoPlusYou.com . You can create your account by using your Ryerson e-mail address (only use your Ryerson e-mail address). On WhoPlusYou you will first be required to complete the Basic Information and Education fields. In the Education field be sure to indicate that you are pursuing a Bachelors of Commerce and enter your degree start year. Only complete the fields that apply to you and your past experiences (e.g. you might not yet have a GPA to submit.) If you need instructions on how to complete your WhoPlusYou profile and where to find the link to your On-Line CV, please see the WhoPlusYou instructions document found on your BUS100 BlackBoard page under Course Materials. The information you populate on the system will automatically generate an On-Line CV for you. WhoPlusYou is currently being used to notify students at TRSM about scholarships, internship opportunities and jobs. Part Three You will be required to submit a reflection paragraph (300 words minimum) based on your Career Feedback Report. When you have finished writing your paragraph on a word processing
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