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Ryerson University
Environmental Health
ENH 220
Eric Liberda

ENH 220 Chapter 3: Inflammation and Repair Quiz Answers in BOLD Question 1 

 A serous exudate contains a high concentration of protein.
False Question 2 Which of the following statements about pathogenic microorganisms is NOT true?
 A. The ability to cause disease depends on the virulence of the organism and the integrity of the body's immune defenses. B. They usually incite an inflammatory response at the site of invasion. 
 C. Adrenal corticosteroids facilitate destruction of organisms and promote recovery. D. The ability to respond to a pathogen is in part genetically determined. 
 Question 3 

 These are chemical agents that are released when tissue is damaged, promoting an inflammatory response. A. Vasodilators 
B. Exudate 
C. Mediators of inflammation 
 D. Mononuclear cells. Question 4 

 Extensive destruction of tissue resulting from inflammation is often followed by scarring that may impair the function of the tissue in which the scarring has occurred. True/False 
 Question 5 

 The inflammatory reaction is the same no matter what kind of injury is present, because the injury itself does not directly cause the
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