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Environment and Urban Sustainability
EUS 202
Christopher Greene

Component 4 Self Reliant Redesigning cities Externally Fair share dependent -reducing effects o/s of -poor urban design built on -expansionist -similar to self-reliant and externally th bioregion assumptions of the 20 worldview dependent -work with nature century -solved by -can’t be independent but attempts -local resources meet -improve urban design correcting market for fair trade of assets and needs -building design, infrastructure failure environmental costs -politics + public -higher density residential -price, regulation, -link actions that cause damage to involvement areas property rights actions that compensate or repair -interspecies equity -mixed land use Externalities are -decrease overall impact -huge change to -focus on quality of not accounted -ensure equitable distribution of institutions environment -use problem assets and costs -reducing impact on external solving tech -need legal framework institutions areas - this will lead to -only possible if implemented at an -maximize efficiency of utilities equity national scale Component 5 Policy instruments are tools or variables the government can control to achieve objectives Voluntary Initiatives Financial Expenditure Regulation -Government provide info -change cost/benefit ratio Direct use of public funds Requirement set by gover or technical support -make sustainable behaviour less -can be private Includes setting -run by volunteers costly> more likely choice -monitoring> drinking boundaries for behavior -regulatory burden -move from block to per use pricing water quality & sewage Involves compliance of decrease -reflect externalities in prices treatment pub
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