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Ryerson University
FSN 132
Joanne Mc Neish

Chapter 7 Anchor: a design from a previously season reworked in a different color of fabric Apparel Contractor: a producer whose sole function is to supply sewing services to the industry, here it is sometimes called an outside shop Apparel Jobber: (manufacturing) a firm that handles the designing, planning, and purchasing of materials and usually the cutting, selling, and shipping of apparel, but not the actual garment sewing Apparel Manufacturer: performs all the operations required to produce apparel, from buying the fabric to selling and shipping the finished garments Bundling: assembling the cut pieces of each pattern – sleeves, collars, fronts, and backs – into bundles according to their sizes. Usually done by hand. Chargeback: financial penalties imposed on manufacturers by retailers Collection: a term used in the United States and Europe for an expensive line Computer-Aided-Design (CAD): a computer program that allows designers to manipulate their designs easily Computer-Aided-Manufacturing (CAM): standalone computerized manufacturing equipment, including computerized sewing, pattern making and cutting machines Computer-Integrated-Manufacturing (CIM): many computers within a manufacturing company are linked from the design through the production stages Corporate Licensing: the use of a company’s name on (sometimes) related merchandise Electronic Date Interchange (EDI): the electronic exchange of machine-readable data in standard formats between one company’s computers and another company’s computers Factor: financial institution that specializes in buying accounts receivable at a discount Floor Ready: merchandise that has been ticketed with bar-coded price and packed in labeled cartons with all shipping documents attached. If the merchandise is a garment, it has been pressed and folded or hung on a hanger with a plastic bag over it Graded: adjustment of a style’s sample pattern to meet the dimensional requirements of each size in which the style is to be made. Also referred to as sloping Group: a subdivision of a line, linked by a common theme such as color, fabric or style Item House: contractors that specialize in the production of one product Line: an assortment of new designs offered by manufacturers to their customers usually on a seasonal basis Line-for-Line: these are exactly like the original designs except that they have been mass-produced in less expensive fabrics in standard sizes measurements Marker: (apparel manufacturing) a long piece of paper upon which the pieces of the pattern of a garment in all its sizes are outlined and that is placed on top of many layers of material for cutting purposes Mass Customization: the idea to tailor the product to fit one particular customer – not one size fits all- and to supply thousands of individual, at mass prices, not custom-made prices Offshore Production: the importation of goods by domestic apparel producers, either from their own plants operation in cheap, labor-rich foreign areas, or through their long-term supply arrangements with foreign producders Outside Shop: see apparel contractor Piece Work: a production method in which each operator sews only a section of the garment to speed the production process. See section work Private Label or Store Brand: merchandise that meets standards specified by a retail firm and belongs to it exclusively. Primarily used to ensure consistent quality of products as well as to meet price competition Product Development: the teaming of market and trend research, with the merchandising design
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